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   昆山博发塑胶有限公司成立于2008年,现位于江苏省昆山市张浦镇亲和路,是一家拥有现代化精密生产设备和自动生产流水线的生产型企业。公司现主要提供精密医用管材挤出、医用导管后加工及导管定制服务。公司主营产品:TPU、PE、PP、PVC、Pebax、PA、PC、PET、ABS、PLA及各种形状的挤出管材,比如单腔管、多腔管、双排管、双色共挤管、多层包覆管及超薄壁管等等。公司自成立以来一直致力于塑胶精密挤出的生产及产品研发。公司一向重视人才与技术开发,聘有高分子材料专业的高级工程师及从事塑胶精密挤出行业二十多年、经验丰富的技术人员。部分挤出管材精度可以控制在±0.02mm,壁厚可以做到0.07mm以下。公司拥有标准的10万级洁净生产车间,并于2016年通过ISO9001质量体系认证。 公司秉承“绿色环保 品质卓越 诚信经营 服务周到”的经营理念,坚持“质量放首位”的原则为广大客户提供全面的服务,产品销往国内各省市及欧盟,北美等世界各地。

   Kunshan bovaplastic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is located in No.869 qinhe road zhangpu town kunshan city, is a modern precision production equipment and automatic production line production enterprises. Our company is special in of precision medical tubing extrusion, medical catheter and catheter after processing customized service. Our main product: TPU. PE, PP, PVC, Pebax, PA, PC, PET, ABS, PLA and extruded pipes of various shapes, such as single lumen tube, multi lumens tube, double rows tube, two color co-extrusion tube, multilayer coated tube, and ultra-thin tube, etc. The company has been committed to the production of plastic extrusion products as well as research and development of product. The company has always attached great importance to talent and technology development, engaged in senior engineer, professional polymer materials in the plastic extrusion industry for more than and 20 years, and experienced technicians. Part of extrusion precision can be controlled in + 0.02MM, the wall thickness can be done below 0.07mm. Our company have Class 100000 clean-room with standard, and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2016. Our company adheres to the "green environmental protection, quality excellent, credibility and integrity management, service considerate" business philosophy, adhere to the "quality first" principle to provide comprehensive services for customers. Our products sold to domestic provinces and exported to the European Union, North America and other parts of the world.